X Ring

X Ring is very simple sealing ring,its shape and section like letter “O” . X Ring is generally made from an elastomer (NBR/FKM/EPDM/SBR/SILICONE/HNBR/PTFE...) used as a seal. The price is very cheaper, but they supply tremendous sealing function. X Ring can be static seal and dynamic seal. There are good sealing performance, long life simply designed type, easy to produce, Low R&D cost, high production efficiently. One X Ring can be used two-way sealing, diverse material. The material diversity can meet various media, temperature and pressure strong adaptability, widely used, small volume, very light weight, low cost, flexible sealing in OD,ID, end face, even any surface. There are all kinds of colors. X Ring can be in all kinds of industry and easy to install. X Ring is widely used for: automotive, garden irrigation equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, coal, machinery, medical, hardware, sanitary ware, water equipment, and other industry.
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  • X Ring O Ring main advantage: First, excellent anti-chemical character. It almost applies to all mediums. Second, temperature range is very wide. (Around -30° C to200° C) Third, anti-compressibility function is very good. Four, Oil proof, Alkali resistance, good elastic and long lifespan.

Our X Ring are all made in China, you can rest assured to buy products from our factory. Zhonggao is one of professional the X Ring manufacturers and suppliers in China. You can buy them with the cheap price from our factory. Our products can be customized. For more information, contact us now.
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