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Similarities and differences between O-rings and gaskets

With the continuous development and progress of the manufacturing industry, O-rings and gaskets are widely used in industry and life. Both products have a certain sealing effect. Therefore, people who are not familiar with them may be confused. Which ones are different and which one has good sealing properties. The following Zhong Gao takes everyone to understand their similarities and differences.

O-ring and gasket similarities:
Both can meet an implicit condition: that is, when the pressure of the sealing contact is greater than the pressure of the sealed medium, the sealing effect can be maintained well.
If the seal contact pressure is lower than the pressure of the sealed medium, the gasket or O-ring will be pushed apart, causing a large amount of medium leakage.

The difference between O-ring and gasket:
The structure of the flat gasket mainly includes three parts: gasket, flange and bolt, which can form a complex stable system. The sealing contact pressure is often provided by the deformation of the bolt. When it is working, its contact pressure distribution is relatively balanced. Once the pressure of the medium fluctuates greatly, especially when the pressure of the medium is greater than the contact pressure, it may cause the medium to leak.

In contrast, if there is no change in the pressure conditions, both are applicable, but if the pressure conditions are changed, when the pressure rises, once the pressure exceeds the contact pressure range of the gasket, The medium opens up the sealing gap and leaks occur. At this time, the O-ring completely bursts the gasket.

In practical applications, gaskets are only suitable for static sealing. O-rings have a wider range of applications. They can be used not only for static sealing, but also for dynamic sealing of reciprocating linear motion.

From a design point of view, the sealing design of gaskets is more traditional, and the structural rigorous pressure difference is somewhat. Although the new flange gasket is designed to improve the rigorous structure, it is compared with O-rings. The design of the O-ring is still worse. When designing the O-ring, it only needs to be based on the groove size, so its design is simpler and more practical.

In fact, whether it is an O-ring or a gasket, in actual use, the key is to see which one is more suitable.