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The role of rubber seals

The rubber seal is the most basic element in the sealing device, and plays a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing. Rubber seals solve the problems of leakage and sealing. It has achieved a major effect of promoting technological progress, preventing and reducing environmental pollution. Rubber seals are a type of rubber products that are widely used in sealing technology. Because rubber has an elastic polymer material, a wide temperature range, and a small stress in different media will produce a large deformation. This deformation compensates for the leakage gap and achieves the purpose of sealing. The main products currently include rubber gaskets, flange gaskets, rubber shock absorbers, rubber O-rings, V-rings, X-rings, Y-rings, and other rubber products in various forms, sizes, and colors. Although our rubber Seal products started relatively slowly, but with the advancement of society and the emergence of new sealing production equipment and technologies, the technical requirements for sealing products are becoming more and more stringent, which further promotes the research and development of new products.

The role of rubber seals:
Rubber seal is a kind of general basic element in the sealing device. It plays a very important role in the contradiction between leakage and sealing, and solves the problem of leakage and sealing in the process of man's conquering nature. Promoting technological progress is an important way to prevent and reduce environmental pollution.

The function of the rubber seal is to close the gap of oil overflow in the tank and prevent dust, sand and other dirt from entering the inside of the tank. However, if it is installed or used improperly, it is easy to cause oil leakage and affect the normal operation of the machine. 75- A. Burn out the bearings, break the gears, twist off the drive shaft or other serious failures.

Environmental protection machinery, as a rapidly emerging industry in my country, will open up a new market area for the hydraulic and pneumatic seal industry. In the development of the automobile and petroleum industries, in addition to oil resistance, rubber parts also need to have good heat resistance, high temperature resistance, high pressure, and oxygen resistance.