• O Ring

    O Ring is very simple sealing ring,its shape and section like letter “O” . O Ring is generally made from an elastomer (NBR/FKM/EPDM/SBR/SILICONE/HNBR/PTFE...) used as a seal. The price is very cheaper, but they supply tremendous sealing function. O Ring can be static seal and dynamic seal. There are good sealing performance, long life simply designed type, easy to produce, Low R&D cost, high production efficiently. One O Ring can be used two-way sealing, diverse material. The material diversity can meet various media, temperature and pressure strong adaptability, widely used, small volume, very light weight, low cost, flexible sealing in OD,ID, end face, even any surface. There are all kinds of colors. O Ring can be in all kinds of industry and easy to install. O Ring is widely used for: automotive, garden irrigation equipment, hydraulic, pneumatic, coal, machinery, medical, hardware, sanitary ware, water equipment, and other industry.

    > Chromatic Color O Ring> Orange O Ring> Ruberlon O Ring
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  • Rubber Cord

    Continuous extrusion and vulcanization molding is the key process of sealing strip processing. The Rubber Cord has many functions and features as follows:
    Air tightness, water tightness,wind pressure resistance;
    Sound insulation,noise reduction,dust and energy saving;
    Flame retardant sealing strip: it doesn't burn when exposed to open fire, and its flame retardant grade can reach FV-O grade;
    Expansion sealing strip in case of fire: it will not burn in case of open fire, and will expand to isolate toxic gas and prolong rescue time;
    Whole frame sealing strip: the sealing strip is connected into a quadrilateral frame sealing ring by special process. According to the different manufacturing process, it can be divided into integral die-casting method and corner coating welding method;
    TPE / TPV sealing strip: it is composed of 2 ~ 3 different materials, mainly PVC, EPDM, etc. it can realize multi hardness and multi color coextrusion, realize the requirement of low friction and environmental protection and recycling;
    Neoprene sealing strip: it has excellent weather resistance and flame retardant performance, but poor low temperature resistance and processing performance;
    PVC sealing strip: it can meet customers' requirements for color, but its aging performance and service life are poor;   

    Electrical cabinet seal is made with good elasticity and anti-compression deformation,
    anti-aging, ozone, chemistry, wide temperature range (-40 ℃ ~ +120 ℃)EPDM 
    rubber (EPDM) rubber foam and dense composite, containing unique metal fixture 
    and tongue-shaped buckle, durable in various electrical cabinet plays a key role
    Sealing frame is made dense rubber, foam rubber and steel / steel joint extrusion
    together. Also known as EPDM seal (EPDM) - applies to -40 ℃ - +160 ℃ unique 
    environment, with superior resistance to ozone behavior, anti-UV properties, resistance to chemical solvent properties, a variety of 
    physical and chemical performance far beyond similar products, widely used in the body seal and seal construction and other fields, the 
    company that developed and designed different fields of use cold, heat, foam, entities, as well as a special performance can meet the 
    application needs..
    Silicone strip and tube high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, and 
    high and low temperature (- 50 ~ + 250 ℃). Therefore, it has the advantages of high and low temperature, anti-aging, good resilience, 
    weak acid and alkali resistance, waterproof and dust-proof, sound insulation, filling and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in many 
    industries such as construction machinery, building, plastic box, lamps and lanterns, medical treatment, ships and so on.
    Automobile sealing strip is mainly composed of EPDM rubber foam and dense compound with good elasticity, anti compression 
    deformation, aging resistance, ozone, chemical action and wide service temperature range (- 40 ℃ ~ + 120 ℃), including unique metal 
    clamp and tongue shaped buckle, which is durable and easy to install. It has been matched with major automobile manufacturers for a long time.

    > Rubber Tubing> Nitrile Rubber Sheet> Silicone Rubber Sheet
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  • Oil Seal

    Oil seal is the common name for general seals, which is simply the seal of lubricating oil. It is a mechanical component used to seal grease(oil is the most common liquid substance in the transmission system, and also refers to the general liquid substance). It will drive components in the need of lubrication and output components isolated, will let the oil leakage. Static sealing and dynamic sealing(general reciprocating movement) with seals called oil seals. 
    The representative form of the oil seal is TC oil seal, which is a double-lip oil seal with a self-tightening spring covered with rubber. Generally speaking, the oil seal often refer to this TC framework oil seal.
    The outside of the oil seal is cylindrical to ensure static sealing of the cavity ---the outer edge of the rubber with a metal framework inside, and the outer edge of the exposed metal skeleton,most of which require polishing and plating with anti-corrosive coating.
    The spring-mounted sealing lip ensures the sealing reliability of the dynamic and static sealing of the shaft. As a result of long-term development and research, the sealing lip structure of oil seal has been improved to an excellent performance, thereby improving the reliability under a wider load. 
    Adding dust-proof lips,or adopting multiple dust-proof lips under special circumstances, can prevent the intrusion of external pollutants and dust.
    All parts in the operating box with liquid lubricating oil and connected with the outside need oil seal. Some are rubber, some are metal,most are steel-bonded rubber,such as crankshaft rear oil seal, front and rear oil seal of gearbox,left and right half shaft oil seals,front oil seals of final drive, air compressor crankshaft oil seals,etc.
    The oil seal structure is simple and easy to manufacture.
    Simple oil seals can be molded at one time, and the manufacturing process is not complicated even for the most complex oil seals.
    Metal framework oil seals can be formed into the required oil seals with metal and rubber only through the processes of stamping, gluing, inlaying, and molding. The oil seal is light in weight and less consumable. Each oil seal is a combination of thin-walled metal parts and rubber parts, and its material consumption is very small, so the weight of each oil seal is very light. The installation position of the oil seal is small, the axial dimension is small, it is easy to process, and the machine is compact. The oil seal has good sealing skills and a long service life. It has certain adaptability to the vibration of the machine and the eccentricity of the spindle.
    The oil seal is easy to disassemble and inspection is convenient.
    The oil seal is cheap.
    NBR and FKM materials are widely used oil seals. The former is low in cost, but has significantly improved temperature resistance and sealing performance, but the cost is higher, and it still has some unfavorable commonalities of ordinary rubber materials, such as poor wear resistance, The service life is short, and it is particularly sensitive to the eccentricity of the shaft. Leakage is still common. PTFE oil seal is a product with high technical content, and it is the development direction of oil seal in the future.
    The quality of the oil seal can be roughly measured by whether the leakage is within the allowable range and the length of the service life. Since there are many factors affecting the oil seal, it is impossible to achieve absolutely no leakage. For this reason, countries have made clear regulations on the allowable leakage of oil seals. If the actual leakage is 
    Check the quality of the oil seal on the lip or crack. If the surface of the new oil seal shaft is not deeply scratched (about 20μm), use oil stone to polish the shaft surface and sharply grind the oil seal. Shaft vibration or bounce.
    > PU Rubber Oil Seal> Piston Ring Oil Seal> Framework Oil Seal
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  • OEM Rubber Part

    OEM Rubber Part made in China can be bought with Low Price from Zhonggao. It is a professional high quality Products Manufacturers and Factory in China.
    > NBR Water Resistance Drum Cap Seal> OEM Custom Nitrile High Bouncing Rubber Ball> OEM Hydraulic Valve Parts
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